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unlimited = Living a Life Full of Purpose and Passion

unlimited = Claiming your Life’s Function and Uncovering your True Self

unlimited = Discovering the Essence of Who You Are
Satu unlimited Counselling is about moving through life struggles to find and unleash the unlimited potential in everyone!

Sometimes situations in our life all come to a head at the same time, calling for change to occur. In 2003, owner and Registered Professional Counsellor, Satu Springer found herself at such a point; she was unhappy in her career, her relationship was distant and she found herself in a painful health crisis that threatened the loss of her dream of having children. At that time of personal crisis, she found out who she really was through a path of self-discovery.

The journey led her to embrace a new career in counselling, to find more loving and deepened connections in all her relationships (friends and family) and to move through the heartbreak of a lost dream to realize it was actually the birth of a new possibility.

Based on Satu’s background, it is no surprise that as a Registered Professional Counsellor she specializes in Grief and Loss Counselling, Life Transition Counselling and Life Purpose and Personal Growth Counselling. She has personally worked in all these areas for herself and brings that personal experience and understanding to her clients. Satu mixes her dynamic skills as a counsellor with a natural intuition and compassion to nurture and facilitate people through their challenges to find the peace, happiness and fulfillment they require to live their own unlimited life!

Satu offers various integrated approaches that can
support and supplement your journey as you desire.

Be unlimited = See and Allow the True U!

“It is vital to me that my clients and students feel safe, feel included and that they
are inspired to reach for the greatness that is within them.”

                                                                                             Satu Springer, BA, RPC
Satu Springer, Registered Professional Counsellor and Shamanic Practitioner, SATU unlimited Counselling, Langley, BC’
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